Passport Renewal Services

A Step-By-Step Guide about Passport Renewal Services

It is easy to renew your passport or update your name. This guide will help you to follow the passport renewal process. You have two options to renew your passport. Either you go to your local post office to renew your passport for 6-8 weeks or you use an expediting service that offers quicker service. You can do it yourself by visiting the US passport agency website or your local post office. You can also use to expedite the process.

Step-By-Step Expedited Passport Renewal Guide

  1. Online application form DS-82. Find all information about passport renewals and requirements.
  2. A valid, recent, or expired passport less than five years old will be required. This will be sent back along with your new passport.
  3. A new passport photo is required. You can find the requirements for passport photos.
  4. Proof of departure or travel evidence will be required. A letter written on company letterhead provided it meets the requirements of the US passport agency, is acceptable if you haven’t yet purchased your ticket.
  5. You will need a $170 check payable to the U.S. Department of State. The requirements for the check are strict. You can find easy-to-understand instructions.
  6. You will need to sign an authorization letter. This letter will be sent to the expediting company. This is a simple, one-page letter that authorizes the company on your behalf to act.

You will be charged an additional fee to expedite your passport. The fees will vary depending on the company and the speed of service.

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