Advantages and Common Misconceptions about Motorized Shades

Advantages and Common Misconceptions about Motorized Shades

Every home has windows. And, most homeowners would concur that window treatments are essential for solitude and aesthetic allure. But, should you install motorized window treatments? As a homeowner, you make a considerable investment in your house and its interior decoration and furnishings. And you likely have an interest in safeguarding them. Motorized shades bring real value and functional advantages which make them worth the investment.

The top 5 benefits

  1. Convenience. Manually raising and lowering your shades is easy enough. But how long time do you spend increasing them every morning? And then lowering them at night? What about the bathroom window? The one you can reach just by stepping into the tub? Or the windows on the second story of a living room? It is quicker to move the shades and drapes with the touch of a button. And, more user-friendly than scaling a ladder each time you wish to close those top blinds.
  1. Comfort & Energy Savings.Lowering shades in summertime block sunlight from overheating a room. In the winter, increasing the shades permits the homeowner to catch natural heat. Both these situations reduce the energy burden on the HVAC system. This is especially important in our energy-conscious world.
  1. UV Protection. The sun’s ultraviolet rays can be harmful to artwork and furniture. And of course wood floors and costly rugs. Protect home furnishings out of bleaching and fading by setting the shades on a timer or even an astronomical clock. Since the colors will be lowered during the brightest part of the day, your investments will remain protected.
  1. Security, Safety & Privacy. When you’re out of town, an effective way to protect your house from intrusion is to make it look as though it is occupied. Raising and lowering shades at preset times, or controlling them out of where you are given a vacant house a lived-in appearance. When you are at home, privacy is essential. Lowering all of the shades with a simple press of a button makes privacy readily accomplished. Also, motorized colors eliminate any cords, which makes them a great selection for families with young children. Get the best quality and safe motorized shades in Dallas for your kids at the best price from Starwood Distributors.
  1. Aesthetics. With motorized colors, there are no unsightly cords. Up the wow factor within your house by synchronizing the shades to begin and stop in unison, and to line up perfectly across the windows. Shades made from fabrics having an open weave can preserve beautiful views outdoors while offering privacy inside. There are shading fabric alternatives available to meet every design and need.

Types of Motorized Window Solutions

  • Wired vs Wireless

Motorized shades can be found in battery-operated and hardwired solutions, therefore making them the appropriate option for basically every type of home.

Battery-powered shades are fantastic for existing homes where cabling might be too labor-intensive. They are also good for retrofitting an older building since they do not require wiring. Even when you’re not sure you’ll need motorized shades later, if your house is currently under construction, run the wire now. It is much more economical to operate the cables while the walls are open. Pre-wiring also allows for easy upgrades from manual to motorized window treatments.

  • Styles

Shading alternatives available include roller shades, Roman shades, and drapery track systems. Roller shades are the most typical kind of motorized window treatment. They consist of an aluminum tube using a motor inside that rolls a panel of cloth down and up. The housebuilder can assemble a pocket at the ceiling to completely hide the roller. This makes roller shades a favorite choice when building a home. Fabric for roller shades come in sheer, translucent, and room darkening. And in a wide variety of colors.

Roman shades are much like roller shades. The difference: the fabric folds neatly as it raises instead of wrap around a tube. The fabric choices for Roman colors are much like those for roller shades. But, Roman shades can also be made from just about any fabric. Drapery systems are constituted of fabric that hangs from a motorized track that attracts the drapery from one side to the other. Or, opens the curtains from the center and pulls them to every side. Like Roman shades, you can choose any drapery material you wish.

4 Objections to Motorized Shades… and These Might Be Incorrect

We live in a finished home. We cannot wire for motorized shades. Wireless shades give a superb solution. A couple of D-cell batteries can likely run your shades for 3-5 years… at an affordable price.

Motorized shades are difficult to control. You can control a Wireless shade almost any way you desire. From a dedicated remote controller to a program on your telephone, a button on your keypad, either by a touchscreen or even by dawn, sunset, or time daily.

Motorized shades are ugly. The most common (and cost-effective) kind of motorized shades is roller shades and cellular shades, which often get a more modern appearance. This may not fit more traditional home styles. However, Roman shades and draperies can also be motorized. Together with Roman shades and draperies, customers can select their clothes and have them built into motorized shades. It is also possible to combine a non-motorized fabric (such as a roman color or drapes) for looks, with a motorized roller shade to the practical advantages.

Motorized shades are too pricey. The incremental cost of a motorized shade versus non-motorized is primarily in the motor. In some applications, a single motor can run a massive group of shades, further reducing the cost. The fabric options, mounting materials, and installation labor are all comparable between motorized and non-motorized shades.

Yes, they are worth the investment!

In Summary, motorized window treatments are more than visually appealing. They add to the safety, privacy, and efficiency of your home. Also, when motorized window treatments are all incorporated with a wise light or automation system, the drapes and/or shades can move in concert with other systems like light, music, and HVAC.

Additionally… what is your time worth? At Starwood Distributors, we’ve got a variety of window motorized shades. Call us and schedule an in-house consultation. Thus, yes, motorized window treatments are worth consideration as an investment in your home.

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