Evaporative Coolers

Advantages of Evaporative Coolers

With the weather heating up, the more intense heat of summer is right around the corner. If you’re looking for a way to cool off things, an evaporative cooler, also called a swamp cooler, maybe a good selection for you. Not only can they allow you to conquer the warmth, but they have also added benefits you might not be aware of.

Let us have a closer look at those Earth-friendly, versatile cooling machines.

How They Function

Evaporative coolers work with water and wind to cool the atmosphere around you. Thick, stiff media pads are packed with water in the reservoir or with a garden hose, and a powerful fan takes in the hot, dry air passing it through the media pads. Air is cooled and refreshed, then distributed through the surrounding air, dropping temperatures by up to 20-25 levels.

Bugs Off

Along with warmer weather, summertime brings out the insects. Not a welcome addition to outside fun! The powerful fan of an outside rated evaporative cooler can bring up to 11,000 cubic feet per minute (CFM) of airflow, sweeping away bugs from outside tables, deck chairs, and poolside lounges.

Smoke Direction

Enjoying a Bar-B-Q or cookout is a summertime basic, but the smoke from a grill can be bothersome, especially when the wind is changeable. You can use a swamp cooler’s airflow to direct that smoke in one way –away from the family and friends!

Freshen Stale, Dry Air

We often consider air coolers as just keeping down the temperature, but an evaporative cooler also adds moisture to the atmosphere. This is especially needed if you live in a very dry, hot climates such as the Southwest or the Midwestern US. Because they utilize water, the air from the cooler additionally contains moisture so it seems fresh, as well as cool–like being next to a waterfall.

Moisture without Spray

Evaporative coolers are not misting fans, and while both add moisture into the air, an evaporative cooler provides it before it leaves the cooler. Since it doesn’t spray mist, and therefore you don’t have to be concerned about water droplets covering you or your furniture. This moisture has the additional advantage of capturing pollen since the atmosphere from cooler blows throughout the surrounding atmosphere if you’re outdoors or indoors.

Maintain Pets Cool Too

When you need to be away from home for a while and your pet friend has to remain behind, an evaporative cooler could be a life-saver. When attached to a garden hose to the water supply, it is going to offer constant cooling for indoor pets, or even for pets at a run, hutches, or other enclosed outside areas. Place one in a barn or stable to keep larger animals cool on hot, still days. Swamp coolers are ideal for kennels, veterinary practices, and other places our furry friends remain. You can also get one evaporative fan on rental for your pets to remain them cool on hot days.

Powerful Commercial-Use Fan

Many heavy-duty evaporative coolers with powerful high CFMs can be used without water by employing this “Fan-only” mode. This turns them into high-velocity fans to circulate air through big un-cooled industrial spaces like garages, warehouses, garden supply shops, and flea markets, to mention only a few. Most have oscillating louvers so airflow could be dispersed over a wider area, maintaining employees and clients comfortable and helping keep the bugs at bay.

Multi-Functional Machines

Used indoors, outside, or in covered outdoor spaces, evaporative coolers can make your summer more enjoyable in many ways, in addition to helping you conquer the heat. Evaporative coolers have very few components: They utilize a fan, cooling media, and water to cool down your space. With the natural ability of evaporation, they cool air around 25 degrees F. Here’s how they do it

  • Warm is attracted to the device
  • A pump pushes water from the water reservoir around the rigid cooling media
  • The fan pushes air out through the saturated media, which cools the air up to 25 degrees
  • Cool, refreshing air exits the unit and enters your terrace, patio, sunroom, or garage

Evaporative coolers may be used in outdoor or semi-outdoor areas (like garages, porches, and backyards) anywhere in the nation – even if you live in humid conditions.

Swamp coolers do but add moisture to the air as they cool. If you live in a generally hot and humid climate, then don’t use them inside. Adding more humidity may make your space feel muggy despite the cool air you are adding.

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