Anti Fatigue Mats

Benefits and Importance of Anti Fatigue Mats to Use with a Standing Desk

It is becoming a common work method to stand while you work. Many workplaces are using ergonomic standing tables to encourage employees to live a healthier lifestyle and to get up and move while they work. These desks are also a common home office fixture as many people now work from home. It enhances the work environment by adding accessories to your standing workstations. You should have the antifatigue mats at your standing desk. This will allow you to stand longer and with less strain.

Anti-fatigue mats will help you stay standing for longer

Anti-fatigue mats are designed to reduce fatigue, as the name implies. These mats are placed underneath your desk and should be easily accessible to adjust to when you go from sitting to standing. These mats can be used to protect your desk, prevent accidents, and do other purposes. Anti-fatigue mats designed for standing workstations use a gel foam core to provide the best cushioning.


Using standing desks has many benefits. Many will find that standing for long periods of time is uncomfortable. Standing for long periods of time can have a detrimental effect on your physical and mental health. Research has shown that standing employees use 20% more energy per hour than those who sit. Standing for less than 90 minutes can cause stiffness and discomfort in your lower limbs. This is due to constricted muscles that lower blood flow to your legs. Other body parts can be affected by prolonged standing:

  • Back
  • Neck
  • Shoulders

You’ll feel tired, which can lead to pain and ultimately lower productivity. Anti-fatigue mats can help with this issue. These mats reduce static standing time. Your legs move in a subtle manner when you stand on these mats. Your muscles are trying to balance the anti-fatigue mats’ instability. This will help you maintain blood flow and force you into a different posture. It is an excellent way to combat tiredness.

These anti-fatigue mats have some pros & cons.

Anti-fatigue mats have the following benefits:


Improve health reduce fatigue

A study has shown that a mat can reduce 50% of your fatigue at work. Employees will be less likely to develop joint pain, heart disease or varicose veins, and other health problems.

Reduce Accidents

Anti-fatigue mats are prevented from sliding under your feet by their textured surface. It will not slip or trip when you’re standing at your desk.

Save Money

They can help you save money. Anti-fatigue mats lower the chance of injuries and diseases. This reduces work absence, costs, and treatment time. These issues can have a negative impact on the company’s performance.

Increase Productivity

Employees who are healthy have higher productivity. Employees who aren’t required to take time off or stay home due to injuries are more likely to be passionate and focused. This leads to significant growth in the business.

Cons of anti-fatigue mats

Foam Matting Can Sink Easily

Low-quality anti-fatigue mats made of foam can easily become bent. This happens only if you place a heavy load on them. It can cause wear and tear if they are subject to heavy machinery.

You need to consider what benefit you want when choosing the antifatigue mats for standing desks. There are many types of mats available. You need to decide what and where you’ll use them.

You should choose the thinnest standing mats for industrial settings since workers often wear supportive shoes. You can use thicker kitchen mats for your home or office, where you may wear slippers or flats. Your mat should have sloped edges to prevent it from sliding.

Anti-fatigue mats are essential in this age where employees would rather work at standing tables. These mats can be used to protect your employees’ health and increase their productivity. It will also increase the revenue of your business.

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