Types of Restaurant Kitchen Range

Different Types of Restaurant Kitchen Range

Regardless of the type of cuisine, each restaurant in the world is going to have some form of restaurant kitchen range in their commercial kitchen layout. Pricing can range from a relatively inexpensive $4,000 restaurant kitchen stove to over $10,000 for heavy-duty models. So, it can be handy to solicit the advice of a restaurant consultant, to easily navigate the many different selections available. No matter what your concept entails, there’s always a restaurant kitchen range kind available at the restaurant supply store for your requirements and your budget.

Restaurant Kitchen Range Types

When it comes time to buy your range, you need to make sure you know and understand the options you’ll need, dependent on your restaurant kitchen design concept. The following is a listing of the most common options you’d know about when requesting a quotation out of a restaurant equipment supplier.

  • Include casters: Unless your range buy incorporates a salamander broiler, all of the health departments require ranges to be on casters so that they can be pulled out for simple cleaning.
  • Convection oven choices: When purchasing a stove with an oven beneath, most manufacturers offer the option for convection ovens instead of the standard oven. This option can be quite helpful for restaurant kitchen design theories with limited space, or who finish dishes in the oven.
  • Electric or Gas: Gas ranges are specified for either natural or LP (liquid propane) gas distribution and it is very important that you understand which one you need when you place your order. If you are purchasing a used range, some producers also sell conversion kits to convert the scope to the other gas type. Electric ranges come with different voltage options so make sure you tell your supplier what your building supplies.
  • Gas link line: A commercial kitchen range doesn’t come with the gas connection line, therefore it is vital to make sure to ask for one. These traces are offered in 1′ length increments and ought to match the gas link diameter of your stove.

Many manufacturers offer proprietary optional accessories so be sure to review them all together with your provider to ensure you include everything you may need.

Restaurant Kitchen Range Designs

  • Conventional Restaurant

The standard restaurant range could be bought with 6, 8, 10, or 12 burner options. Depending on the number of burners selected, every range will probably include one or two ovens. Some manufacturers also supply cabinet bases a choice to store things like sautéing and sheet pans.

  • Step-up Restaurant Kitchen Range

A step-up kitchen stove will come with the same choices as the conventional range, including regular, convection oven or cabinet bases. Step-up ranges are indicated repeatedly for restaurant kitchen design concepts where the menu offers many independently cooked sauté dishes.

  • Restaurant KitchenRange / Griddle Combination

A restaurant range and griddle combination unit could be a great option for foodservice operations with limited space and a menu that is evenly split between sautéing and griddle items. These mix units usually are 6′ long, with configuration choices varying the number of burners and duration of this griddle. Many manufacturers also incorporate a salamander broiler under the griddle area for added convenience and value.

  • Restaurant Kitchen Range / Charbroiler Combination

An exceptional unit provided by the Vulcan manufacturer, this restaurant kitchen range and charbroiler mix is a superb selection for small foodservice operations who have restricted sauté requirements.

  • Heavy Duty Restaurant Kitchen Flat Top

Heavy-duty ranges can be one of the more expensive options for foodservice operators. Typically used in hotel kitchen design projects, these ranges are developed to take a tremendous amount of abuse, while still offering a very long life span. These ranges have choices such as the flat top pictured, but can also be purchased with burners, or French plate options.

  • Commercial InductionKitchen Burner

A commercial induction burner is an excellent possibility for foodservice locations that don’t have access to natural or LP gas but still demand a high-speed channel. Adding these ranges to a restaurant kitchen design can get pricey; not only on account of the cost of the unit but because you also need to be certain you purchase special pots and pans that are induction rated.

  • Electric Restaurant Kitchen Range

If you are a start-up operation with a limited budget and are in a location that wasn’t designed initially as a commercial area, this unit may be a good alternative. Offering many of the same accessories as gasoline versions, these ranges can also be good alternatives for facilities and caters which don’t rely on high-speed cooking of orders.

  • Commercial Wok Range

Used mostly in Asian themed restaurants, a commercial wok range can be specified up to six work stations per unit. Some manufactures provide custom fabrication selections for larger stations, but when your needs are that extensive, Texas Restaurant Supply typically recommends buying two smaller components servicing them doesn’t completely shut down your restaurant.

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