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Floor Protection Tips: How to Use Floor Mat

Floor protection matting can help to prevent the appearance of worn paths on your floors and carpets. It also saves you money on repainting, repainting, or replacing. We will discuss a few of the things that can damage your flooring below.

Dirt, Mud, and Grit

Your visitors’ shoes are one of the biggest culprits in bringing dirt and gritty into your building. If you don’t have effective entrance mats, any elements such as rain, mud, and grit will find their way into your building. Carpets that have been laid will become soggy with water, and dirt will seep into the pile. Hard floors will scratch and become scuffed. Hard floors or carpets that are worn out will not only look bad but can also damage your business’ reputation.

The best entrance mats will protect your floors from dirt, water, and grit that may be walked in from the outside. They also prevent dirt and mud from being tracked around your building.

Scuff Marks

A common problem in public buildings with hard floors is the black rubber scuff marks on the soles of shoes. They are difficult to remove, and they can return quickly. You can keep the problem at bay by placing floor protection mats in high-footfall areas, such as busy corridors. You will save time cleaning up stubborn marks and your floors will last longer without the need to replace them.

Wheeled traffic 

Your floors and carpets can be damaged by foot traffic. If your flooring isn’t protected from wheeled traffic, such as shopping trolleys, wheelchairs, and forklifts, it can cause damage and wear. Protecting floors from wheeled traffic requires mats that can take dirt and be strong enough for the weight of the wheels. This is especially important for shopping trolleys or forklifts.

The mats that protect floors from forklift trucks.

Furniture and chairs

Chair mats are the best mats for protecting floors from the wheels or legs of office chairs or other furniture. These mats prevent any wear patches from appearing on your carpets, or on your floors during rearranging of your offices, classrooms, or reception areas. You won’t need to replace carpet tiles or repair floors.

Vending Machines and Water Butts

Spillages are most likely to occur in areas around water butts and vending machines. A mat placed underneath will protect your flooring from the machine’s weight and will protect it from getting stained by food or drink spillages.

Need more help selecting mats to protect your floors?

We hope you have found our blog helpful in understanding the importance of mats for protecting floors. If you have any questions about mats, feel free to call us. We are happy to assist you in choosing the right floor mats.

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