Industrial Sewing

Know More About the Various Types of Industrial Sewing

Contract Sewing is the best way to mass-produce fabric products if you don’t have the right machinery. This will allow you to spend more time on your business plan and ensure consistent product quality and a faster turnaround. The sewing process can vary depending on the product you produce. It may take longer to meet certain standards or improve durability. Fieldtex can sew products that are commercial-grade as well as those that meet military specifications and standards.

“Industrial sewn” is a term that refers to the processes used by contract seamstresses and manufacturers who produce mass-produced sewn products. This type of sewing requires a lot more preparation than traditional sewing machines and is often far more complicated than using a regular sewing machine. To create precise-aligned, wrinkle-free products, a skilled prototype and design team is required. Skilled machinery and operators are needed to repeat this process in mass production.

Before you begin sewing, it is important to do extensive calculations and take measurements. This will ensure that your project’s dimensions are accurate when the fabric is cut as well as when it is constructed. This is because different fabrics react differently to sewing and the application of thread tension.

Production and Machinery

A production line is the best way to sew a product. Production lines are where materials travel from one station to another. This allows for many people to work on the same product and perform specific actions that contribute to the final product. The same action is performed by all the seamstresses on every fabric section, which increases efficiency and ensures consistency in quality. We have arranged our industrial sewing machines in a way that makes sense based on the established production process.

Most industrial sewing company machines can be programmed to perform a single action repeatedly, often at a faster speed than a person sewing on an in-home sewing machine. They also have greater precision and are more precise. Our factory has several industrial sewing machines that are programmed to do specific tasks and sew pieces of each project. For example, one machine is programmed for a specific box tack and another machine to stitch a bar. We can mass-produce custom-made patterned sewing products from OEMs by using a well-planned floor plan, high-quality industrial sewing machinery, and skilled prototype and design departments.

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