Longer Lifespan of Your Restaurant Equipment

Top 5 Maintenance Tips for Longer Lifespan of Your Restaurant Equipment

Typically, the kitchen in your restaurant caters to exponentially higher numbers of people than, say, the kitchen in your home would. The better care you take of this equipment on your commercial kitchen, the longer it’s very likely to serve you. If you can well maintain your commercial equipment, then you can save your money and as well as you can satisfy our customers by delivering good food. This doesn’t mean you have to become fanatical and neglect other aspects of the business like the cleanliness of your space, well maintained furniture, experienced staff, and many more but it does mean you have to be consistent with all of the maintenance steps you require. Below are a few of the ways that you may extend your equipment’s lifespan.

Longer Lifespan Tip — 1: Make A Habit Of Maintaining Your Commercial Equipment Clean

The simplest thing you can do to keep your equipment in good condition is to wash it. Not only is it necessary to keep compliance when it comes to health and safety, in addition, but it also minimizes the number of damage-causing-materials that can get trapped where it should not, and over time causing a build-up of greases and grime. You should properly wash your all commercial equipment on a daily basis to maintain your kitchen hygiene and your employee’s health.

Longer Lifespan Tip — 2: Inspect Equipment For Faults Or Damage Before & After Use

Before you start with business each day, it is important, to begin with, an inspection to verify that all the equipment is in working order for your busy shift beforehand. In the event, you find anything irregular — regardless of how small — make certain that you fix it until you get on with the day’s work. Conduct another review at the end of the day, so you don’t have any nasty surprises the next morning. Also, you should call a professional restaurant supply once a month to check all the equipment is working properly or not.

Longer Lifespan Tip — 3: Invest In The Appropriate Products & Tools For Fixing

Depending on what stuff your equipment is made out of, some products will work better than others. Do your homework on this and purchase cleaning stuff that will not scratch or wear your equipment. Before buying or selling any restaurant equipment you should always take advice from professionals that will help you to choose the best equipment for you. If you’re unsure, get connected restaurant supply in Houston. With our years in the industry, we’ll be able to help you discover the very best products for your commercial kitchen equipment. Our company’s staff is professional and experienced in the foodservice, auction, and related industries… Our company gives a wide variety of quality, new and used restaurant equipment, kitchen supplies and recently we have also added home furniture, decor, and appliances. Moreover, we provide inventory liquidation and assessment services, in addition to its internet-based auction services.

Longer Lifespan Tip — 4: Make Sure Your Emergency Measures Are In Good Condition

One possible source of danger which can occasionally be overlooked is the emergency steps inside your kitchen. Any grease builds up within the venting areas of your kitchen and on your own kitchen equipment, can be a serious fire hazard. Now it is the time to double-check your ventilation shafts and pockets, in addition to testing your smoke sensors and extinguishing tools to ensure that you can both prevent and douse any accidental fires if they spark up.

Longer Lifespan Tip — 5: Organize For Equipment Servicing At Regular Intervals

Every now and then, your machinery ought to be looked at and serviced by an expert. Any issues you might have overlooked or problems that were hidden can be discovered and repaired until you find yourself caught without a vital item of equipment needed for your own kitchen to run smoothly.

Let’s be honest, it’s all about paying attention to even the most minor particulars and details. These are the things that save you forking out unnecessary repair and replacement money in the long term. Simply put: if you take good care of your restaurant equipment, it is going to look after you. Contact Main Auction Services, Inc for best tier equipment and supplies now.

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