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Mistake You Should Avoid While in House Cleaning Services

When it becomes to cleaning, we probably all want the most reliable home possible, done in the least amount of time possible. But certain common cleaning customs could be side-tracking us on our way to a cleaner home. Things like forgetting to clean our cleaning machines, or leaving to pre-soak dirty pots and pans, could be taking us costly time. In the hopes of having our cleansing routines done as fast and efficiently as possible so we can move on to more important things, here are seven time-wasting cleaning mistakes to avoid. Make a few tiny changes in your cleaning habits now to save valuable time every week.

5 Habits That Will Keep Your Home Cleaner All Week

  1. Not Cleaning Your Cleaning Appliances

Dishwashers and washing machines have been intended to clean things so that they do not have to get cleaned, right? Wrong! If you’re not occasionally cleaning your dishwasher, food residue and particles can build-up, resulting in an unpleasant sour odor. In case freshly-washed dishes are coming out muddy, or your freshly-laundered garments have a funky smell, it’s a surefire indication you’ve been neglecting to wash these appliances. Rather than wasting time running through another wash cycle, clean your system to make it function more efficiently.

The Solution: Learn how to wash your dishwasher the best method. To your washing machine, buy these cleaning tablets on Amazon that dissolve residue covered inside the device.

  1. Using Dirty Cleaning Cloths 

If you are wiping kitchen countertops and cleaning windows with a dirty rag, let us face it, you’re not creating anything cleaner. Not only could you be unintentionally spreading bacteria around your home, but you might be creating mirrors and glass windows even freakier than once you found them.

The Solution: Ditch the dirty cleaning materials, and elect for microfiber fabrics that will not leave lint behind and may be tossed into the washing machine anytime they need a refresh. The tightly-woven tissues are able to clean away bacteria to bring your cleaning to a different level.

  1. Use the Right Tools for the Right Job

Sometimes specialized gadgets aren’t worth the money, and sometimes they’re totally rewarding investments that save time and make your life simpler. When it comes to cleaning, numerous tools make tedious, time-consuming tasks easier. If you’re still cleaning window shades using a paper napkin or removing a step stool to dust the crown shaping, there’s a more comfortable way.

The Solution: Invest in an under-$10 blind-cleaning brush that shaved moments off of my cleansing routine this year. And if you’re not currently using an expandable telescopic duster for those hard-to-reach spots, you’ll want to purchase one today.

  1. Forgetting to Empty the Vacuum

By the time you’re done vacuuming the entire home, the last thing you want to do is spend time emptying the bag or cleaning out the brushes, but if you don’t, you might be wasting your own time after. As the bag fills with debris along with the brushes become clogged with pet fur and hair, it won’t work also.

The Solution: Take two minutes to empty the bin today, to cut back on vacuuming time later on. The best alternative: invest in a robotic vacuum, that may do almost all of the job for you.

  1. Not Cleaning from Top to Bottom

Consider your normal cleaning routine for the kitchen. Do you begin with vacuuming or sweeping the floor, then wiping down the counter, and eventually dusting over the kitchen cabinets? If that’s the case, by the time you’re finished, you may notice that crumbs and dust have dropped onto your freshly-cleaned floor. There’s a better way.

The Solution: Choose the way of cleaning head to foot. Begin with dusting upper cabinets, surfaces, and counters before going to lower surfaces and floors. In this manner, you will not be undoing your prior work, which could permit you to backtrack and waste valuable time.

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