Entrance Mats

The Requirement of Entrance Mats at Every Door

Hiring professional cleaners to make sure that your facility remains clean is a wise move, but also, you need to understand several ways in which you may help maintain the cleanliness in your establishment. This is where entrance mats come in. These mats (also known as walk-off mats) come in several unique shapes and sizes. If you’d like your building to remain clean, you have to ensure that there are outdoor doormats at every door.

Here we are providing the advantages of using Entrance Mats at your front doors.

1) You cannot ask people to take off their shoes

According to studies by ISSA (the Worldwide Cleaning Industry Association), about 80% of all the contaminants affecting any facility comes from the shoes of people in the building. Now you cannot just ask your visitors to take off their shoes until they go into any room of the building. By having entry mats at each door, you make sure that they have the means to wipe their shoes before entering and/or walk off some of the debris. By this entry mate, you do not have to clean your space very often.

2) Entry mats guard your establishment against added mud and dust

You may not be able to control what kind of dust and mud goes in but using an entrance mat by the door is a way to guard it against the unnecessary. Say for example the individual came from outside where it’s additional dusty. Having an entrance mat enables that person to eliminate some of that extra dust so it will not go inside your building. So that they come with less dust and germs in your building.

3) You do not have to worry about rain

Rain is a nightmare for those trying to keep a certain place clean because with rain comes wet shoes and muddy floors. If you experience an entry mat welcoming each guest at each doorway, you don’t have to worry about rain and receiving your floors all muddy. They could simply wash their shoes clean and dry before entering. It will absorb water from the raindrops, so you are free from frequently cleaning while rainy days.

4) It may be useful and decorative at the same time

What some people forget is that doormats do not need to be ugly and plain. You can be as decorative as you want to be, fitting, matching the entrance mat with the decors of your establishment or workplace, or giving your visitors a sneak glimpse of what they can expect within. You may use it as a branding instrument by having your logo or company name printed on the mat. If you will get your printed logo on outdoor doormats then you can promote your company and also can decorate your entrance to the building.

5) It’s a way to minimize slip hazards

According to the National Floor Safety Institute in their published paper, “more than 3 million food service workers and over 1 million guests are injured annually as a result of restaurant slips and falls.” Certainly, slipping is a danger that’s quite common. With an entrance mat at every doorstep, however, it is simple to minimize the risk of people falling as they navigate their way into your building.

6) You can prevent floor damage

With well-placed entrance mats, you can additionally prevent inner floor damage by safeguarding your flooring surfaces. It’s not just the people that you protect from accidents, you shield your facility too. By applying entrance mate you can prevent your floor from damage as well as you can save your capital and property.

7) This can help you with bacteria regulation

A few doormats can be infused with microbe-killing powers that can help you with bacteria regulation. So not only do you maintain your rooms clean as far as your eyes can see, you keep them clean even on a microorganism level.

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