Maintaining Charbroiler

The Tips 7 Technique About Maintaining Charbroiler 

Charbroilers are a bright addition to any restaurant line. This user-friendly piece of commercial kitchen equipment is great for cooking flavorful steaks, burgers, vegetables, chops, and sandwiches. Known for its unique smoky flavor profile and stunning grill designs, charbroilers offer an individual flavor and visual appeal for food. Because of their versatility, performance, and durability, charbroilers are an attractive investment for restaurants. The degree to which you make the most of that investment, however, depends on how well you keep it.

Following is a closer look at best practices for maintaining your restaurant charbroiler.


Routine cleaning is simply the start to maintaining your charbroiler in the best working condition. Follow the steps below to make sure your charbroiler remains in tip-top form.

  • Proper venting is crucial to charbroiler functionality and security. Your charbroiler’s exhaust hood ought to be examined and cleaned at least twice annually.
  • Valves additionally demand regular maintenance. As soon as you start to detect signs of sticking, then it is time to call in a trained technician that will use high-temperature grease to lubricate them.
  • When you opt for a Vulcan charbroiler, you gain access to Vulcan’s nationwide community of Hobart Service experts and authorized independent servicers. Make the most of this network while searching for support technicians.
  • Follow directions in your user’s guide to correctly clean debris out of the unit. Avoid reaching the surface of your charbroiler with objects in an attempt to “burn off” debris to minimize the chance of damaging components of the charbroiler.
  • Never cover the top layer of the charbroiler with sheet tray pans or other objects in an attempt to “burn off” or wash debris out of the unit. This will lead to an extra buildup of heat that has the potential to harm and warp elements of this charbroiler.
  • Prevent heating buildups by ensuring air can leak. Never cover anywhere that air flows with transparency.


Preventative maintenance is all about when it comes to maintaining your charbroiler performing efficiently and effectively. Keeping an eye out for signs of an issue can help you avoid excessive downtime and expensive repair bills later. Common warning signs that your charbroiler may require service include:

  • Uneven heating or burning the sides of the food. This might be an indication that burners and/or burner valves have been adjusted or varying gas pressure.
  • Extreme top heat. This could be an indication your burner valves can be adjusted too high. Other possible causes include faulty ventilation, overrated gas pressure, or an improperly corrected burner.
  • Irregular side-by-side heating. Possible situations involve improperly adjusted burners or burner valves, poor trimming, or improperly maintained/installed deflector or crumb tray.
  • Uneven front-to-back heating. Potential problems involve awkward leveling, incorrect ventilation, wrongly adjusted burners, or improperly maintained/installed deflector or crumb tray.
  • Pilot interruptions. Potential conditions hold low pilot configurations preventing enough gas flow, low gas pressure, and obstacles in the pilot orifice.
  • Yellow burner fires. Open the burner shutters until flames are blue and touching the burner.
  • Lifting burner flames. Close to the toaster until flames touch with the burner and therefore are no longer yellow.
  • Fluctuating gas pressure. Check the vents on the charbroiler regulator for clogs.

Encore, qualified support technicians can help you recognize and correct these and other small difficulties before they become large ones.

Charbroilers are a go-to part of equipment for restaurant kitchens or any restaurant supply store, thanks to their many valuable qualities. Get the most from your investment and prolong the life of your charbroiler by adopting a routine cleaning and maintenance program.

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