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The Ultimate Tips When Buying Restaurant Equipment

The purchase of the right equipment is one of the most difficult things to do when you start a restaurant. You need to do a lot of research before you can make a good investment. It is not a wise investment to invest in low-quality equipment.

The type of equipment you need for your restaurant will depend on its concept, theme, and the kind of cuisine you are offering. The most important aspect of buying restaurant equipment is deciding what equipment you will need for your restaurant. First, determine what you want to eat and then look at the equipment that would be needed to make it.

Different restaurant formats require different equipment. For example, it will require a separate serving counter than a fine dining restaurant. Make a list of the features you need for each piece of equipment you are considering purchasing.

We are your trusted online supplier of restaurant supplies. Here are some tips to help you buy new commercial equipment for your restaurant.

Plan everything.

It takes a lot of research to purchase new kitchen equipment. Start by looking at at least two to three restaurants and supply stores that sell the equipment you require. Compare the prices, warranties, and customer service. You should learn as much about the company as possible. Read reviews and read feedback from customers. This will help you decide if their after-purchase support is good or bad.

Prioritize quality.

When shopping for commercial kitchen equipment, quality is the most important aspect. You don’t want to buy a cheap item that is easily broken. Quality, reliable and durable equipment is essential for a busy industry such as restaurant management. You should only select high-quality, valuable equipment for your restaurant.

Be sure to review your budget.

Quality is paramount, but you must also take into consideration your capital and budget. You, the owner of the restaurant, must consider your current and future business needs when determining the budget. You might be tempted to purchase branded equipment. But, it is important to consider how this expense will impact your budget and restaurant’s cash flow.

Consider your kitchen space.

You might not want to purchase the most expensive kitchen equipment on the market. However, it is worth checking the space available in your restaurant to ensure that the equipment will fit. It can be costly to buy large commercial equipment that is too big for your kitchen. As a tip, you can call the restaurant supply store to help you choose the right size of equipment you need that can fit in your workplace.

Examine for warranties.

Last but not least, make sure to check the warranty on the kitchen equipment that you plan to purchase. You should also check to see if the company that you are considering buying from offers after-purchase support. This can be done by reading reviews. These reviews can help you avoid the stress and hassle of purchasing an item from a suspicious company.

Look out for the ENERGY STAR(r), label.

It can be difficult to find the right kitchen appliances and equipment when you are looking through all of the options. It is important to consider both the initial cost and the cost of running the equipment.

The easiest way to find the most affordable products is by looking at their pricing. The blue ENERGY START(r) label is a good indicator of the most cost-effective products. These products are energy-efficient and can provide long-term savings for the buyer.

This ENERGY STAR(r), marking will be found on packaging and products. This symbol signifies that the equipment meets all the requirements of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). It means that the equipment is suitable for commercial kitchens and has passed third-party inspections.

Although it is not mandatory to use equipment bearing the ENERGY STAR (r) logo, you can be certain that they will reduce your utility bills, last longer, and produce fewer air pollutants.


Proper maintenance will ensure the equipment’s longevity and increase efficiency. When purchasing restaurant equipment about maintenance requirements ask the dealer. Ask your dealer about the frequency of service and whether the supplier will provide it. After you have purchased the equipment, make a schedule. A cleaning schedule should be created as well. Some equipment needs to be cleaned daily like countertops and kitchen countertops, while others can be cleaned weekly.

Purchase of new or used equipment

Restaurant owners face many dilemmas when purchasing restaurant equipment. If you buy used equipment, you can save nearly 70%. Always compare the cost of new equipment compared to the new one to see how it compares.

Look out for rust and leaks. It is worth repairing the equipment if it needs to be repaired. Otherwise, buying the equipment would be too costly as the damage could happen again. Buy a piece of equipment that is still covered by warranty.

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