Types Of Air Duct Systems

The Various Types Of Air Duct Systems Explained

Air Ducts are an integral part of commercial buildings. There are many types. The requirements of the business as well as the property’s layout will determine the materials and shape of the ductwork. There are many ways to use air ducts. Each one has a particular purpose or environment that they are best suited for.

Types Of Air Ducts

All air ducts work the same way to distribute air within a building. However, air ducts can be distinguished by their airtightness, airflow through them, and shape. Air ducts can be used to distribute air inside a building or outside. These air-duct systems can be used in many ways. They also have different methods of collecting or filtering their air supply.

Sheet Metal Air Ducts

Sheet metal air conduits are the most popular type of air duct. These ducts are usually made of galvanized steel or aluminum and are used in both commercial and industrial settings. Sheet metal air conduits are strong and can withstand high temperatures. This makes them an excellent choice for applications that require air to be heated or chilled.

They can be oval, round, rectangular, or spiral oval. Sheet metal ducts are non-porous, making them less susceptible to mildew and mold growth.

Fibreglass-lined Air Ducts

Fiberglass-lined air ducts are made of sheet metal and lined with fiberglass insulation. This type of air conduit is ideal for areas where noise from HVAC units is a concern. The fiberglass lining reduces noise levels. They are moisture-resistant and fiberglass-lined air ducts make a great choice in areas where there is the possibility of condensation. They can be used to reduce heat loss and energy costs.

Fibreboard Air Ducts

Fibreboard air conduits are made of compressed resin-bonded glass fibers. Fibreboard air ducts are protected from unwanted fiber particles by tightly woven fabric. Fibreboard air-ducts also have a foil exterior that acts as a barrier and water repellant. It also provides sound absorption properties, making them ideal for businesses with HVAC units or noisy exhaust systems.

Fibreboard air conduits are lightweight, flexible, and easy to install. However, they are less durable than other types. They come in both rectangular and round shapes.

Flexible air ducts

Flexible air ducts have a spring steel wire inner and are wrapped in an insulation layer of polymer. These ducts are lightweight and easy to install. These flexible pipes are also shorter than longer, providing better performance and reducing energy costs.

Air Duct Materials

  • Galvanized Steel

Galvanized steel, which can expand or contract, is the most commonly used material in ductwork construction. Heating systems can increase the size of ductwork while cool air flows through them at lower temperatures. This causes them to shrink again.

  • Aluminum

Aluminum is a popular metal for air ducts. It is light and strong. Aluminum does not rust so it is immune to any problems that might occur with other materials for air ducts. They can be oval, round, or rectangular.

Aluminum air ducts are non-porous, making them less susceptible to mold and mildew growth. Aluminum is a heat-resistant material that dissipates heat quickly. This makes it an excellent choice for air ducts. Aluminum’s durability means that your system will last for a longer time and provide high-performance levels when it is most needed.

  • Stainless Steel

Stainless steel is a very popular material for extraction systems and air ducts in commercial kitchens. While some varieties can be seen outside, others can remain hidden from view.

Stainless-steel air ducts resist rust and corrosion. They are ideal for areas where moisture is present. They are easy to clean and maintain, making them a popular choice in schools, hospitals, and commercial buildings.

  • Carbon Steel

Carbon steel is a steel type that contains carbon. This alloy of metals is composed of iron and carbon. It’s also used for air-duct construction. It is a strong, durable choice because of its strength and durability. Because it can withstand high temperatures, carbon steel is a great material for chimneys and flue pipes.

  • Non-Metallic Ducts

Air ducts do not have to be made entirely from metal. Non-metallic ducts can be made of a variety of materials including plastic, fiberglass, and fabric.

Fiberglass reinforced plastic (FRP), is a popular material for underground duct systems and chemical exhaust.

Fabric ducting can be found in large offices, schools cafeterias, and laboratories.

Some ducts can be made from a flexible, softer material. Flexible ductwork is made of a flexible material that has an inner liner. It is supported by coiled wires and then covered with insulation. This makes it ideal for airflow applications.

They are lightweight and flexible, so they are easy to install. Non-metallic air conduits come in many sizes and shapes, making them an excellent choice for all your air duct needs.

Air Duct Forms

  • Round

The most popular type of ducting is around air ducts. These ducts are usually made of a round steel pipe and sometimes have fiberglass insulation. Round air ducts can be installed quickly and will not collect dirt and dust as well as other types of ducts.

Round ducts have the best airflow. They can be placed in any orientation and produce the same amount of airflow as their square counterparts.

  • Rectangular

Commercial buildings use square and rectangular air ducts to move air between rooms equipped with air handling units. You can make them from aluminum sheet metal or use fiberglass insulation to stop heat and air leaks. Rectangular ducts are designed to fit in walls and above ceilings.

  • Oval

Although oval air ducts are not as common as rectangular or round ones, they offer some benefits that are worth considering. Because of their low height requirements, oval ducts are very popular.

Oval ductwork is less obstructed than round ductwork. This makes them ideal for tight spaces and around machinery that has limited space. Oval air ducts work well in buildings with difficult layouts and spaces.

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